Author Topic: What is Vaporizing? Why is it better than Smoking?  (Read 3552 times)


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What is Vaporizing? Why is it better than Smoking?
« on: September 13, 2011, 05:38:49 PM »

The Refined Art of Vaporization Explored

Still coughing from smoking? Tired of waking up with a sore throat? It’s time you tried vaporizing, a revolutionary alternative to burning herbs!
Rather than burning the herb, which produces numerous harmful by-products; a vaporizer heats the material (ideally to 180°C/356°F), so that the active ingredients contained in the plant release into an aromatic vapor— not smoke. This vapor ideally contains virtually zero particulate matter (tar) and greatly reduces noxious gases such as carbon monoxide. With little to no smoke produced due to cooler heating temperatures and less material required to achieve the same effect, the irritating and harmful effects of smoking are diminished. The threat of second hand smoke to those nearby is also eliminated. This makes vaporizers useful in places where there are public bans on smoking.  The result is a cooler, cleaner, more flavorful and more concentrated effect.
Vaporizers are available in many varieties. Simple vaporizers use a lighter as heat source. While basic, they have expanded awareness of safer smoking alternatives. Precise vaporizers use an electric heating element often featuring a temperature control. Some high-end models even have a dynamic temperature control, however, may cost several hundred dollars.
The majority of vaporizers can be classified by how they heat the substance:
1. by conduction (inferior)
2. by convection (superior)
With conduction heating, the substance is placed on a metal plate that is then heated to release the active ingredients. The direct contact between hot metal and the herbs can cause them to burn which defeats the purpose of vaporizing. Thus, conduction is not a preferred approach and is rarely used in modern vaporizer designs.
With convection heating, the substance itself never touches a heating element. Instead, hot air passes through the material heating it rapidly and evenly. This method of heating is far more efficient than conduction heating.
Many vaporizers use a tube (called a “whip”) that is held to the heat source, and through which the user inhales the vapor. This method is known as direct extraction delivery, and is used by the VaporTower vaporizer. Some vaporizers (Volcano Vaporizer and the Herbalaire Vaporizer) have a bag or balloon attachment where vapor is blown into a bag, and the user detaches the bag and inhales the contents.
Perhaps the most important classifications for vaporizers are the type of materials used in the heating element, the extraction chambers, and means of delivery. Most common vaporizers use a ceramic soldering iron element with a glass extraction chamber and a plastic hose for delivery. This is a low cost and effective approach, however, there are concerns about off-gassing of mercury gas from the solder that is present in wiring of the box. Many enthusiasts cringe at the idea of inhaling high vibration aromatic vapors through a petroleum based hose for delivery. Some manufacturers, such as VaporStore, are now using a higher-grade silicon tubing for the hose and only 100% ceramic for the heaters. The high-end Volcano vaporizer uses an aluminum element that works quite well and a metallic extraction chamber with a food grade plastic bag for storage and delivery.
There are many new vaporizers coming out of China, such as the Digi-Vape (angled wooden box with digital display) and a copycat of the German Volcano called the VP-500 as well as the Fuji, which VaporStore found to produce very toxic and unhealthy particles. Not only do they smell very unpleasant, they have been known to produce ill side effects. This is even worse than just smoking the old fashioned way! Unfortunately for the consumer, many of these new companies do not have any concern for your health and safety as VaporStore does. Cheap manufacturers simply want to quickly sell their products and maximize their profits.   
Based in California, VaporStore has been serving the vapor community since 2000. Only the finest materials are used in the VaporTower Vaporizer. From the ceramic heating element to silicon tubing, and it comes with a LIFETIME warranty! The VaporTower handkit is designed with a dual-screen chamber, similar to the Volcano. This setup suspends your material more evenly above the heat source resulting in a more efficient vaporization process than most of the other models in the market.  With the VaporTower you only draw fresh vapor with each puff as your inhale activates the vaporization process.
VaporStore has no intention of deceiving its customers and continually puts the customer first in making business decisions. The VaporTower herbal vaporizer compares to units two and three times its price. At a cost of $199 including the LIFETIME warranty, the VaporTower stands atop the list of vaporizers to consider for a healthier lifestyle.


Vaporizers Can Cut Your Annual Smoke Cost By Up To 83%

VaporStore carries only convection vaporizers (superior method opposed to conduction) which means fire or direct heat is not applied to any material during use. No fire means No combustion.

Rather than burning material, Vaporization extracts the active ingredient and leaves harmful by-products behind. This allows the user to draw out more of the active ingredient as opposed to burning it up right away, which wastes product and money because the smoker does not consume an adequate percentage of the active ingredient.

You will get 5-8 draws from a specified amount of material when vaporizing. When smoking, you barley get 1-3 draws while using the same amount. When smoking, most of the active ingredient is gone after the first draw as you lose 50% or more immediately as the flame touches the material. Again, burning up your entire product, damaging your throat and lungs and tasting a burnt/charred flavor vs. a fresh/smooth flavor.
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